Say what you like about Harry S Truman…

…but as this Weekly Standard review of Oliver Stone’s to-sink-like-its-namesake ‘documentary’ notes almost in passing, Truman had one hell of an advantage: he wasn’t Henry Wallace. We dodged one monstrously large bullet, there.

Although it does occur to me that the anti-Communist backlash of the early 1950s* might have done a good deal more long-term good if Wallace had been President for a while…

Moe Lane

*In case nobody’s mentioned this yet: yeah, actually, there WAS a secret International Commie Conspiracy directed at the United States. The Commies just got lucky in that Joe McCarthy was a drunken, unreliable imbecile.

Oliver Stone is mad about Reagan and Bush.

Mad, mad Oliver! (Link fixed.)

…I was going to write this whole thing up Dr. Seuss-style, but honestly? It came out completely lame. Anyway, it’s really simple: Oliver Stone’s angry as anything over the way that people cruelly went out and didn’t see his last movie, so he does what anybody would in his situation (and mindset) – go onto Bill Maher’s show and call Reagan and Bush stupid poopyheads. It’s cheaper than therapy, which Oliver Stone probably can’t afford right now anyway.

It always fascinates me how certain elements of the antiwar movement are so determined to discount the intelligence of the very people that effortlessly kicked their ass on foreign policy. I mean, they didn’t even slow down either President – so if Ronnie and/or W were dumb, then what does that make them?

Moe Lane

PS: All that being said, I liked The Doors.

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