The Wall Street Journal bows to the inevitable…

…and brings back the naked women:

Reversing the highly publicized and controversial change to its pages, The Wall Street Journal announced Friday that the daily newspaper will resume featuring nude photographs after a failed yearlong experiment with nudity-free issues. “While we remain committed to updating the paper for a contemporary audience, we’ve come to realize that tasteful nudity has always been part of what makes The Wall Street Journal so beloved by our readers,” said editor-in-chief Gerard Baker, adding that beginning with the following week’s Monday edition, the Journal’s signature pictorials of topless and fully naked women will return alongside its award-winning reporting, business-focused news coverage, and weekly columns from Peggy Noonan and Holman W. Jenkins Jr.



North Dakotan woman hates Halloween, and apparently small children.

Is this woman utterly mad?

A North Dakota woman said she’s not planning on handing out candy to children she believes are “moderately obese.” Instead she’s giving them letters.

The woman’s plan to take childhood obesity in her own hands is sparking much controversy after she called into a Fargo, N.D. radio station early Tuesday morning.

Somebody should explain to said woman the reason for the season. (more…)


The Onion and IMAO: parallel evolution, or rip-off?

I still haven’t made up my mind on this. Compare:

Obama To Enter Diplomatic Talks With Raging Wildfire

…with this (Via @IMAO_):

Obama Signals Willingness to Negotiate With Wildfires

WASHINGTON (AP) – In response to reports of deaths and widespread property damage allegedly caused by so-called “wildfires” in California, President Obama said that he wanted to the let the more moderate and peace-loving flames know that “America is willing to negotiate without pre-conditions”.

It is a very close match in basic theme – if not in tone – but balancing that is that the joke is obvious. I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt on this one, but I can see why others won’t.

Moe Lane

PS: “Nothing funny about this Presidency” my eye.


Phurba Dorje, legendary Apollo program Sherpa, has died.

And with him, a little piece of our history. Via Transterrestrial Musings:

ST. PETERSBURG, FL—Phurba Dorje, the lunar Sherpa guide who blazed the trail for the Apollo 11 astronauts and made it possible for Neil Armstrong to become the first white man to set foot on the moon, died peacefully in his sleep Monday in his Florida apartment. He was 71.

Dorje, whose career with the U.S. space program spanned more than a decade, carried provisions, equipment, and solid rocket fuel on 13 missions in the 1960s and 1970s, but is best known for guiding Armstrong and his crew to Tranquility Base in 1969.

“Without Phurba’s invaluable guidance and sturdy legs, I doubt we ever would have made it beyond Earth’s atmosphere,” Apollo 11 pilot Michael Collins said of the man who strapped the crew’s Passive Seismic Experiment Package to his back for all but the last 20 feet of the 238,855-mile journey. “He was a true hero and a wonderful cook.”

But the Onion is wrong: Dorje’s finest achievement was during Apollo 13*.

Moe Lane

*But then, you can (seriously) say that about a goodly number of people.


Personally, I worry about the rampant secularism involved.

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?

After all, nods to demonic infestation via the undead menace are all very well, but I feel that our video game makers are relying too much on the crutch of zombies to fulfill their supernatural liability requirements. Don’t get me wrong, I think that putting down walking corpses is a useful life skill, but there’s more to combating the ravening forces of Hell than that. We need to avoid falling prey to faddishness.

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