Yeah, I got nothing.

It’s been a rough day for light and fluffy stuff on the Internet. Everybody’s ready to snarl at everybody else, and I seriously doubt that people want to see endless posts about the RPG writing, because at this point it’s fixing typos and other preliminary feedback. And you all know I have a book out, because I won’t shut up about the dang thing.

So open thread! Tell us happy things. We could stand to hear about happy things.

A ‘I Got Nothing’ Open Thread.

Slow day today, I guess. So open thread. Although I think that my readers are more solicitous about not threadjacking my posts than I actually care about them threadjacking them. But, hey, tell me stuff.

But down tell me about that preorder Ogre playmap. The map’s fine, but thirteen bucks for shipping? I can wait until it’s actually being sold, thanks.

Open thread.

Sorry, folks, but it’s a war zone out there right now when it comes to popular entertainment and I want to be throwing spoons at stupid people’s heads. At this rate, I may need to switch over to doing nothing but creative work all day. Or, heck, start cooking-blogging. People like recipes*.

Moe Lane

*My wife managed to throw together a rather good beef-with-gravy mix over egg noodles this evening.  I had some chopped-up pot roast and onions ready for quesadillas, but she wasn’t up for all the cheese; so she made a roux, added a bunch of beef broth, stirred in half a packet of onion soup mix, and then dumped in the beef. By the time everything was hot the noodles were ready.  Hot, reasonably fast, and tasty on a wet autumn day.  We’ll have to remember this one later.

I kind of expect the rest of the day to be quiet, really.

There’s yet another set of primaries tomorrow to white-knuckle our way through, because it’s been that kind of primary; but until then I don’t really expect there to be anything much going on. Besides, I’m on my third idea for an RPG column for PJ Lifestyle and absolutely nothing will consent to gel in my mind. So… open thread?

I kinda… got nothing.

After blathering on for an hour on the RedState Weekly Briefing I’m pretty much emotionally drained.  Although I tentatively will be back on that for Election Night coverage.  God only knows if I’ll be sober for it… oh, who am I kidding? When you have kids, you either start drinking heavily, or you more or less stop drinking entirely; and I more or less stopped drinking entirely.

Open thread, except that we don’t really have those anyway.