Adventure Seed: Operation ENDOSCOPE PARLAY.

Operation ENDOSCOPE PARLAY – Google Docs



Good morning. As you are all aware, spell-casting using anagrams was the go-to occult discipline of the Seventeenth Century AD, and continued to retain some nostalgic popularity until the first half of the Nineteenth. Unfortunately, with the rise of modern linguistics the power available to linguistic magic skyrocketed, with typically horrific results.  The dirty war conducted between rival magical circles of semioticists need not be reviewed here: suffice it to say that the extermination of the last holdout Fascist and Soviet deep-penetration doomsday linguistic cults in 1953 was a close-run thing. Sufficiently so that the esoteric world’s subsequent tacit abandonment of Latin was deemed regrettable, but necessary in order to prevent future breakdowns in language, perception, and local space-time.


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