Orrin Hatch came prepared for the Utah caucuses.

Let tell you a parable.

Once upon a time that has not yet happened – and will almost certainly not actually happen – there will be a certain starship, with a certain Captain… captaining it.  And this starship will, as starships of that sort often do, encounter an amazingly heavy-handed metaphor in the form of two anthropomorphized black-and-white cookies determined to destroy each other.


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#rsrh Orrin Hatch reads the tea leaves…

…and decides that it’s never too early to start laying down markers.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) says Democrats and members of the press are going “overboard” in their criticism of Christine O’Donnell, Delaware’s GOP Senate nominee.

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Portion of Sen Orrin Hatch (R, UT) conference call.

Sen. Hatch had a conference call on Monday on two bills that he’s introduced in the Senate (the American Job Protection Act and the American Liberty Restoration Act) to remove, respectively, the employer mandate and the individual mandate from Obamacare. Below is my portion of the Q&A period:

To summarize: I asked how we were going to get these bills passed in the 111th Congress, and Senator Hatch was forthright in replying that he doesn’t expect that we will. But it’s still very important that we keep the Democrats’ feet to the fire, particularly since we will be in a better position in the 112th Congress to gut Obamacare; so let that be a motivator.

Indeed. Let it.

Moe Lane

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