Tweet of the Day, Oscar Nominations Are Out edition.

Spoiler alert: no Deadpool. Not even in the technical ghetto where they typically stick all the genre movies.  Guess the Deadpool folks are going to have to console themselves somehow with gobs and gobs of money…

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Deadpool… at the OSCARS?

lolwhut: “…[Deadpool] was just nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Writers Guild Awards, which means it could very well end up getting an Oscar nomination! [snip] The WGA nominations frequently predict what the Academy is going to recognize in their Adapted and Original Screenplay nominations.” You know, I would pay money to see that happen, actually.  It won’t happen, mind you, because the people who made Deadpool would naturally Deadpool their way across the entire Oscar proceedings.


…And the Academy surely knows this.  Still: my God, but the shtick the Deadpool guys would come up with.  It would be entirely uncontained, not to say uncontainable.  We’d all tune in to watch the red carpet show, at least until the FCC yanked it off the air and then seeded the ground with salt…

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I have a confession to make: I don’t really care about the Oscars.

I mention this largely because my Twitter timeline is essentially obsessed by them, apparently.  For myself, the last time I’ve actually watched any significant portion of the Academy Awards ceremony was 2004, when Peter Jackson was finally hailed God-Emperor of the Geeks by the Academy for The Lord of the Rings.  That was an epic night, and I’ve shown no interest in the awards ever since.

I mean, is the program on tonight, or something?  – Because it’s Thursday. I don’t see why they would have an awards program like this on on Thursday, right?


I understand that the Oscars are tonight.

I take some pride in only really paying attention to them once… oh, who am I kidding?  The Oscars are great fun; every year, I complain about them and indicate how little I care about the whole thing.




So, fine.  I’m glad to have the program on; it gives me something to be superior about.  But I’m not going to watch the show, mind you.  Just sneer at it.


Hey, the Oscars are this weekend!

…No, you don’t give two [expletive deleted], either.  Heck, you don’t even care about this year’s faux-controversy that they’ve come up with in order to drum up interest (and which I’m carefully not linking to, out of mild sadism).

But I’m not totally awful: thanks to Ace of Spades HQ I’ve got the perfect (NSFW) vehicle for Hollywood.  It’s historical! It’s saucy!  It’s edgy!  They can call it… oh, Kamikaze.


Black Swan Oscar scandal?

Apparently Natalie Portman isn’t actually a world-class ballerina, after all: the studio apparently (there’s that word again) used CGI to put her head on an actual ballerina’s body for the movie Black Swan and didn’t really tell anybody.  And this apparently is ticking off the ballerina in question*, given that Natalie apparently won the Oscar in part for being such a great ballerina and such…

Yeah, that’s a lot of the use of the term ‘apparently.’   Gimme a break: I’m still trying to figure out just how much I really care.  I know that I’m supposed to care about this movie, because it features [the examination of obsession and delusion on the human psyche]/[celebrity lesbian scenes]… but, really, it’s Hollywood.  The entertainment is going to be in watching the public meltdowns.

Moe Lane

PS: I posted about this because it’s a slow Sunday afternoon.

*Sarah Lane.  No relation… I think.


Sandra Bullock has the right attitude.

I cared almost precisely zip about the Oscars, but I wanted this to happen.

Sandra Bullock will display both her Razzie & her Oscar

Sandra Bullock plans to display her Oscar and Golden Raspberry trophies side by side – to remind her of the highs and lows of the movie industry.

The fun-loving actress attended the Razzies on Saturday night to collect her Worst Actress dishonor for her role in “All About Steve” and then bounced back on Sunday to claim gold at the Academy Awards, where she was named Best Actress for “The Blind Side.”

Mind you, I’ve not seen either The Blind Side (which is even now having the print run of its DVD covers updated with its award news) or All About Steve (which is, um, not).  A lack of exploding starships, you see.  But I liked her in Demolition Man (which apparently makes me, um, unique).  Anyway: it’s nice to see somebody in Hollywood who doesn’t take him- or herself completely over-the-top seriously.

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