Tweet of the Day, Your Techno-Nostalgia Moment *For* The Day edition.

I would have played this, back in the day.

I’m actually a bit surprised that nobody came up with this exact concept, in fact. Pacific Rim would have worked great in 8-bit.

This is exactly the reaction that I had.

I even said “Wait. WHAT?”  Not that I cared; and I’m sure that I could come up with a plausible reason to explain that sudden revelation away if I was going to bother with distinguishing it from all the other, obviously not really that important, niggling details about Pacific Rim.  This is a movie about giant robots hitting giant monsters. You have to just go live in the Moments of Awesome for this one.

Some studio executives want Pacific Rim to flop as part of a extraneous business struggle?

Somebody in the studio system doesn’t want Pacific Rim to succeed?


OK, watch this.

You are not a bad person if you don’t want to watch movies like that.  Honest and true.  BUT ANYBODY WHO DOES NOT WANT ME TO WATCH MOVIES LIKE THAT IS A BAD PERSON.  Pretty much by definition.  I am, to quote the person at the link above, part of “the core audience of people who want to see giant robots hit giant monsters.” I’d appreciate it if studio wars stayed out of the way of my acquisition of same.

Via Do-Gooder Press.

“Pacific Rim” trailer.

I THINK somebody tried to flag me about this the other day, but I can’t find where.  Anyway, (via email), THIS HITS MY GEEK BUTTONS:

GIANT MECHA VERSUS CTHULHU.  …Or maybe it’s just Dagon and the other Greater Deep Ones*.  Either way, it’s going to be AWESOME. Unless it SUCKS.  But there’s no middle ground.

Moe Lane

*It could very well be.  Guillermo del Toro directed it, and he used as much Lovecraft as he could in Hellboy.  The ‘portal between dimensions in the Pacific Ocean’ bit looks as promising as all hell…