So Paramount is making ‘The Pro’ into a film. …Of course it is.

Oh my, oh dear, and oh brother:

With R-rated comic book movies like Deadpool and Logan doing massively well at the box office, Paramount Pictures appears to be looking into their own hard R comic book adaptation. Deadline has the news, reporting that a The Pro movie is in the works, based on the 2002 one-shot from Image Comics and the creative team of writer Garth Ennis, the husband and wife art team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, and colorist Paul Mounts. Although the original article does not mention that an R rating is being targeted by Paramount, it’s hard to imagine the source material getting adapted any other way.



CBS/Paramount settles on Axanar lawsuit.

Executive summary: the Axanar people admitted that they didn’t have permission, that they violated copyright rules, that they’re going to make significant changes to Axanar, and that all future shows that they do will conform to CBS/Paramount’s ‘Guidelines for Fan Films.’ (more…)


Watch me commit heresy over Paramount’s new Star Trek fan film rules.

There’s nothing particularly unusual about them.  To sum them up: there’s a half hour limit on productions, the work has to be studiously non-commercial and amateur (for example: no more cameos from people who were in a previous Star Trek production), stick disclaimers anywhere and keep it clean*.  And, oh, yeah: if you buy Star Trek uniforms or gear for your movie, use the official stuff. (more…)

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