Election 2012: More-of-the-same on the state level, only intensified.

[UPDATE]: Welcome to the wonderful world of ‘unsexy races are harder to track.’ Apparently the NH House and ME Senate race results haven’t yet been fully certified yet, which is why the AP is saying one thing and Ballotpedia is saying another. Looking it over, I’d say that the maps should be changed to NH and ME being made blue on both… which does not alter the larger point.

This is not what a D+6 electorate looks like:

This is, however, what a map of state legislatures that have largely come under the control of one or the other parties looks like.  Red represents states that are ours; blue represent states that are theirs; purple represents states where the legislature is split; and grey represents Nebraska, which likes to be difficult (map drawn from data here; I’m assuming that New York’s Senate flipped).  The AP also noted that 25 states now have veto-proof majorities; which suggests that, as usual, whenever the American voting public says that they want to throw all the bums out they’re actually talking about all the bums except the ones running their districts. (more…)


#rsrh I am not here to persuade. *Hoo*, boy, I am not here to persuade.

Jim Geraghty’s got a point in his latest Morning Jolt

How often do any of us actually persuade other people on any major controversy of the day? Have any Obamacare critics encountered an argument that made them stop and think and reconsider their opposition? Has any Obamacare fan changed their mind? Do people even change their minds anymore?


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