The January Patreon posts are up!

This was a somewhat… stress-filled month for me. I’m not sure why: possibly it’s just because I am reaching the point where I may have been cooped up for too long. I think I can say that I had a mildly productive pandemic, but I’m ready for it to be done now.


  • Chapter 1, OLD MAN TYLER’S WAR. This started out as a Western, and is now the beginning of a Western alternate history Civil War novel and I must be out of my God-damned mind.
  • THE ELMERITE ORDER, PART 5: THE DEAD SCHOOLS. The trick with this is trying to come up with magical schools that were neither completely useless, or watered-down versions of Mage: the Awakening. Hopefully I succeeded.

Patreon Microfiction: All That The Market Has Borne.

With regard to ‘All That The Market Has Borne:’ look, it’s just market forces at work. You have a valuable product that can be produced by multiple sources, thus making it difficult for even a cartel to form; and the production values are both high and restrictive, so strip-mining the resource isn’t going to work. That pretty much means high wages for the specialist laborers who have the most critical role in the enterprise. Straightforward, really.


Up on Patreon: My complete UNFILTERED Spooky Space Opera RPG setting (paywall).

I am trying to encourage the Patreon, after all. I expect that at some point I will make UNFILTERED generally available, though. To give you an idea of what it’s like:

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