Quote of the Day, Ah, The Convenient Vagueness Of Global Warming Predictions edition.

One point to note here:

…while global warming predictions abound — here’s2009 footage of former Vice President Al Gore predicting, based on computer models, that the entire northern polar ice caps would very likely be ice free in 5-7 years (spoiler: nope, of course) — most climate change activists are into longer-term predictions. Just yesterday the Natural Resources Defense Council published this interactive mapthat claimed to show “what kind of sea-level rise we’re in for under different emissions scenarios.” And in the notes section it gives a pretty staggering disparity for when we might reach those predicted levels. One article said it could be 200 years or so and another said 2,000 years. Two millennia.



QotD, Everybody Should Discount Paul Ehrlich edition.

From Samzidata, a brutal, but very wise, operating principle:

As a less scientific but still useful, rough rule of thumb on demographic matters, I would recommend taking any prediction made by Paul Erlich in the first half of the 1970s and assuming the precise opposite has happened since.

In a just world, Paul Ehrlich would be spit on in the street… by the Left.  And when he eventually gets around to dying, it is my devout hope that his body is rendered down into fertilizer and used to germinate a crop of genetically modified wheat for a Third World subsistence farmer*.  At least that way Ehrlich would have done one useful thing in his existence…

Sorry.  I have a real problem with ‘activists’ who are willing to slowly murder any number of brown people necessary to achieve said activists’ domestic policy goals.

Via Instapundit.

Moe Lane

*Don’t worry, it’d be safe to use: once the soul departs the body, what’s left is blameless organic matter. Evil doesn’t linger.


The deep-seated fear of Paul Ehrlich.

I’m not entirely certain why PowerLine and Ed Driscoll at Instapundit are surprised that professional doomsayer Paul Ehrlich is unavailable for comment about how it is that India is now capable of at least growing enough food* to sustain its population, despite the confidently nihilistic estimates of… Paul Ehrlich.  The answer’s simple: Ehlrich got his butt kicked so hard by Norman Borlaug – THE GREATEST IOWA FARMER WHO EVER LIVED – on this subject that Ehrlich is still hiding from the man to this day.

What’s that?  No.  Paul Ehrlich isn’t quite confident that reports of Borlaug’s death were accurate.  It could be a trap, to lure Ehrlich back into the open.  Which may sound ridiculous; but then, so was Ehrlich’s pathetically wrong, and teeth-jarringly racist, predictions.

Moe Lane

[UPDATE: Heh.  I spelled Ehrlich, I think, three different ways throughout.  Thanks to BG5 in comments for noticing.] (more…)

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