Is Colorado state senator Angela Giron resorting to PAYING to have anti-recall supporters?

So, basically it’s going on like this: Colorado State Senator Angela Giron is being threatened with a recall for her support of the rather draconian gun control laws that the (currently) Democratic-controlled Colorado state legislature just passed.  This was, of course, not received well by Democrats, and so Colorado Peak Politics did what all smart Right-populist groups do these days: they saturated the area with cameras and waited for Democratic shenanigans.

They may have gotten some. (more…)


#rsrh Team Romney REPUDIATES any OUTSIDE reference to Obama’s racist pastor Reverend Jeremiah White.

You know.  The one who said “G*d d*mn America.”

You hear that, folks?  Team Romney wants to make it clear that they REPUDIATE any possible reference by scurrilous individuals about Barack Obama’s willingness to sit and listen to a race-baiting, white-hating bigot preacher for nigh-on twenty years.  They probably will REPUDIATE any mentioning of the fact that said race-baiting, white-hating bigot preacher is out there telling people that the Obama campaign offered him hush money during 2008, too.  Yup.  They’re going to REPUDIATE it all in order to better focus on the economy, which by the way is absolutely HORRIBLE because of the President and his political party.

Hey, you want to see the press conference that Team Romney had to announce that they were going to REPUDIATE any Rev. Jeremiah Wright line of attack?  Here you go:



What were Rahm Emanuel’s (D) links to Tim Mahoney (D), anyway?

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers.

No, I don’t have any updates to the FBI investigation of former Congressman Mahoney (D, FL-16) and whether he used campaign funds to pay off one of his mistresses, sorry. That’s going to be a quiet kind of story until the FBI finishes said investigation; after all, Mahoney was brutally sacrificed to the media gods by the Democratic Party desperate to have that story not derail their 2008 Congressional campaign. People who may find themselves accused of anything similar, please note: don’t count on a payback for your loyalty – even if you happen to be innocent, which Mahoney was almost certainly not.

Which brings me to my next point.  Rahm Emanuel.  Name was linked to Mahoney’s back then – something about sanitizing the record – but nobody in the media was interested in pushing on that for very long.  But now that Rep. Emanuel is COS Emanuel, and now that we’re reminded that Emanuel’s a Freddie Mac guy who entered into lucrative contracts on the DCCC’s behalf with his landlord’s polling firm (it’s claimed that it was a complete coincidence that he wasn’t paying rent), one does have to ask: what, exactly, did Rahm Emanuel have to do with Tim Mahoney’s little payoff problem?

And can we get an answer under oath?  I only ask because there’s been an awful lot of Democrats Behaving Badly stories in the news lately.

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