Tweet of the Day, The Last One Is Truly A Miracle edition.

(Via Cynthia Ann Yockey) Yes, I’m joking, but only slightly.  That kind of conversion used to be a massive pain in the sit-upon. Now, it’s just more or less assumed to be a basic print option. Computers have just simply gotten so much better in the last twenty years.


A look at GURPS Mysteries and its PDF version.

My print-on-demand (POD) copy of GURPS Mysteries came in the mail today; as it happens, I bought the PDF version years ago. But I also rather wanted a physical copy to go with my other GURPS books, so I picked up the POD and decided to compare the two.  If nothing else, it’s a little instructive about how the state of the art has advanced.

  • Similarities: Both versions have clean, easily-read pages.  The interior to the PDF version happened to be in black and white, so there’s no real difference in coloration.  Obviously, the text has remained virtually unchanged.
  • Differences: The pages of the POD are not glossy (the binding seems firm and stable).  The PDF version has marginally sharper text than the POD version.  Images are likewise slightly better-looking in the PDF version.  Obviously, you can search the PDF copy for text; just as obviously, the POD copy still works if the power goes out.



The RPG Bundle of GUMSHOE: I bought it, so should you*.

This looks like a nice little deal on gaming PDFs:


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