Penny Arcade e-race tonight! (Sans sponsorship, alas.)

The sponsorship had contracted for four cars, four weeks, and that ended last week. Tonight’s is more or less the last race of the season; next week there’s a silly car race, and they start the new one two weeks from now. I’ll know then if I’ll be doing a sponsorship under the new rates. In the mean time… I’ve kind of gotten into watching the races. They’re fun. Some good folks doing ’em, too. 11:30 PM Eastern, tonight.

Racing tonight on the Penny Arcade circuit!

The theme for this week’s race is ‘Unnecessary Censorship.’ It starts at 11 PM Eastern time, as usual. The guy (beastGP) putting together my sponsored car made some temporary modifications of the logo:

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Now playing: the Penny Arcade e-racing Sea Shanty!

Link here. Singing and vocal arrangement by Nonnie Reed: a PDF to the shanty itself is below, with text after the fold. Also, this is very cool and I enjoyed it greatly. I hope you will, too.

(PS: this is my new book: Tales From the Fermi Resolution. Free on Kindle Unlimited!)

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The Penny Arcade-inspired e-racing Sea Shanty.

Special thanks to my wife, who told me what the major problem with the piece was (I was trying to rhyme ‘gone’ and ‘won’), and Penny Arcade racing Discord member FreemFTW, who told me how to fix it (replace ‘gone’ with ‘done’). It’s not final draft form, but you can see it from here.

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New Penny Arcade race tonight featuring a Flying Koala sponsor car!

11 PM Eastern time. Different car, different color scheme, same inherent coolness:

I’ve been practicing talking like a sponsor. Well, we here at Flying Koala Publishers are just thrilled to be able to help support races like these, and give something back to the racin’ community. We’re looking forward to an excitin’ time tonight; and we wish all the drivers good luck, and good racin’. Stuff like that is part of the fun.

Tweet of the Day, This Penny Arcade Strip Is All Too Real edition.

I showed it to my eldest, you see. And he absolutely and on the spot had to go watch Ghost Rider clips. And he howled at how awful those clips were. Oh, how he howled.

Tweet of the Day, They’re Trustbusting Google, Huh? edition.

:monotone voice: No. Don’t. Stop.

I use Google for the same reason that I use the other Big Tech products: because, bluntly, I have no practical alternative*. I have no inherent love for any of them, and I certainly have no real urge to keep them from being metaphorically gutted like a fish. I’m sure it’d be painful to bust the Google trust – but then, getting a new crown put on can be painful, too. Still has to get done.

Moe Lane

*I know there are alternatives, sure. Just no practical ones.