Tweet of the Day, They’re Trustbusting Google, Huh? edition.

:monotone voice: No. Don’t. Stop.

I use Google for the same reason that I use the other Big Tech products: because, bluntly, I have no practical alternative*. I have no inherent love for any of them, and I certainly have no real urge to keep them from being metaphorically gutted like a fish. I’m sure it’d be painful to bust the Google trust – but then, getting a new crown put on can be painful, too. Still has to get done.

Moe Lane

*I know there are alternatives, sure. Just no practical ones.

Quote of the Day, Because I’m Trying To Sell Books On That Hellsite edition.

You’re hardly surprised, surely. Anyway: Tycho, from Penny Arcade:

Maybe there’s some range of infragood i’m not currently aware of; maybe Good as a descriptor is richer and fuller than I previously knew. Maybe there are some kinds of good that are bad! No doubt I’ll be able to find the answers to these and other pressing questions on Twitter, a place which asks the question, “What if there were a place for people who thought a junior high cafeteria wasn’t brutal and Darwinian enough?”

What he’s referring to is the word that the Twitter Bitcoin fraud thing was due to a compromised insider, rather than an actual hack. Some people call that… ‘good.’ But it’s not, really. It really and truly is not.

Moe Lane

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Tweet of the Day, Penny Arcade Speaks Sooth edition.

This is instantly one of my favorite strips. I dunno why; maybe because the writing in it is so elegantly sparse. And, yes: this is the introvert’s moment. We have trained for this.

I dunno, @TychoBrahe. I think D&D can be safely free-styled.

I’m not sure if I’d do it at a convention that big; but as long as you know the characters, free-styling a TTRPG isn’t that hard. Basically, you just need to know who the PCs are, who the major antagonist is, and the latter’s intentions. If you know intentions, you don’t need to know plot; it’s whatever happens when the intentions of the antagonist bump up against the PCs. At that point, they’ll tell you what they do, and the antagonist reacts to that, and then they react, and pretty soon it’s time for the big fight.

‘Course, you don’t end up with much left over for the next session, but hey: it’s a con game. There ain’t gonna be a next session. So front-load that puppy.

You want your kid to do better at math? Get him into D&D!

…Yeah. You know that, I know that, people who game know that perfectly well. Certainly Gabe of Penny Arcade knows that; he’s been using his pirate D&D game to reinforce some math skills for his kid. Check out the link for how well it worked.

Still, best to get it out on the Internet, hey? You never know when it might be useful. Although I personally checked out when GURPS Vehicles expected me to do cube roots. It’s not that it was bad, precisely, but I didn’t want to go through all of that trouble just to make some Autoduel cars.

Moe Lane

The Penny Arcade/Lone Shark Games ‘Thornwatch’ Kickstarter.

I ain’t buying it – like the idea; don’t have the dinero – but good golly but look at that crowdfunding well.

Turned it on yesterday, and they’re already 300% funded. Penny Arcade is kind of frightening, sometimes.  In a good way, to be sure; but they are the Alpha Ultra-Ninja Grandmaster Flash Nerds, huh? – Said he, with pure admiring envy in his voice.

This is a fairly creepy Penny Arcade cartoon.

I have a plethora of opinions on the subject it describes.  On the one hand, it’s definitely creepy to be in a situation where you’re in the middle of something bloodily occult, and your best friend isn’t believing you because ha-ha, it’s a joke.  On the other hand: can’t you just text, I don’t know, 9-11 or something?  They’ll come even if they think it’s a joke, because they have to arrest you anyway at that point.

And, on the gripping hand: who, exactly, would pay for a continuing story made up of texts?  Because that’s always going to be the prize that the eyeballs are going to be focused on, here.  The height of literary success and majesty is getting paid to write. It’s not the floor of success, mind you; getting paid is the roof. Still… if people give you money, you unquestionably win.

Quote of the Day, Never Forget This About Gawker edition.

Penny Arcade, on the Hulk Hogan / Gawker affair:

I don’t wish ill on anyone who works there, obviously.  I mean, I guess their every action technically does sustain a legitimately evil beast of legend, some Revelations type shit, and they ruin lives for profit whenever they aren’t simply wasting your time.  It’s like, oh, this other Gawker site does that.  That’s not the site I read.  Well, no, it’s all one site.  It’s just the one site.  Oh, but I only detest the mouth of the lion, where its fangs are kept; I do not detest the ear of the lion, nor its tail.  But the ear is how he found your brother, and when he leapt on your sister, the tail kept him straight.

…That last bit is rather good, isn’t it?  If Tycho came up with that, that’s some primo literary stuff, right there. I approve.