I worry that I am too old to really ‘get’ NFTs.

I mean, it doesn’t feel that way, but… it wouldn’t, would it? That is exactly how somebody who doesn’t get something would feel. And isn’t that a fun recursive rabbit hole to fall into.

Ach, well. At least I’m in good company:

Tweet of the Day, My Personal Favorite Penny Arcade Strip’s Anniversary! edition.

I dunno if it’s their best, but I love this Penny Arcade strip above all others. The aesthetic here sings to me.

Penny Arcade e-racing tonight!

I missed last week, but I’m looking forward to it tonight. I’ve kind of gotten into watching e-racing, mostly because the stream’s funny. No sponsorship this season, though. I think they did it, and it was fun, and now they’re not real interested in doing it for a while. Which is cool. At least I actually got to do it.

Racing starts at 11 PM Eastern. Link here.

Penny Arcade e-race tonight! (Sans sponsorship, alas.)

The sponsorship had contracted for four cars, four weeks, and that ended last week. Tonight’s is more or less the last race of the season; next week there’s a silly car race, and they start the new one two weeks from now. I’ll know then if I’ll be doing a sponsorship under the new rates. In the mean time… I’ve kind of gotten into watching the races. They’re fun. Some good folks doing ’em, too.

https://www.twitch.tv/pennyarcade 11:30 PM Eastern, tonight.

Racing tonight on the Penny Arcade circuit!

The theme for this week’s race is ‘Unnecessary Censorship.’ It starts at 11 PM Eastern time, as usual. The guy (beastGP) putting together my sponsored car made some temporary modifications of the logo:

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