Book of the Week: The Man in the High Castle.

Philip K Dick, of course. The Man in the High Castle is interesting and readable* in its own right; but I would have liked to have read The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, too. It’d be interesting to read an alternate history World War II novel where the broad outlines were true to our history, but the details were not. Or at least, one written by Philip K. Dick. He was an interesting dude.  And, of course, a deeply weird one.

And so, adieu to The Starry Wisdom Library.

*While also being absolutely absurd. Cactus Jack Garner would have been perfectly capable of rallying the country** after a hypothetical FDR assassination; and Wendell Wilkie would have easily won the 1940 Presidential election, or some other fellow who would been able to add 2+2 and get “better keep England afloat.” I grant that FDR did a good, solid job of wartime Presidenting, but his skill set would have hardly been unique.

**We also have a more balanced view of the actual utility of the New Deal in these, more modern times.

Just watched the pilot for Amazon’s ‘Man In the High Castle.’

Short version: Hollywood seems to have this weird thing going where they adapt Philip K Dick stories into films and shows that are not bad, but also not really faithful adaptations, either. The Man in the High Castle seems to be in that vein, although the farther along it gets in the pilot the more stuff from Dick appears. It’s worth at least a look. Continue reading Just watched the pilot for Amazon’s ‘Man In the High Castle.’

Heh. Blade Runner reference in Freefall.

Comic here: main comic here. Blade Runner is one of those movies that would be one of my favorites, if it weren’t for the fact that I’m not exactly sure which one of the seven versions is my favorite; or whether the version that is my favorite actually exists.  It’s entirely possible that I’m picking and choosing to create an idealized gestalt Blade Runner in my head.

Which, by the way, is a notion that Philip K. Dick would have loved.