Tweet of the Day, There Are So Many Ways It Could Have Been Even Worse That Day edition.

You should read the whole thing, but Jake Tapper summed it up: “Happy ending.”


Somebody in Gov. Jack Markell’s New Media staff has a rather picayune fetish.

Alternate title: Delaware’s Governor’s office reminds us all of the first rule of social media, which is: If you are a public figure, get off of social media.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell’s office apologized Thursday for a tweet containing a link to a racy photo of a woman wearing what appears to be leather straps around her neck and chest.

Seriously: it’s just a minefield, guys.  Even if it’s a danged tame racy photo, all things considered.  Oh, well, nobody ever said that Delaware was a hub of sin and depravity, mostly because you can cross the state in the time it takes to say that*.

Moe Lane

PS: Normally, I’d play a game of NAME! THAT! PARTY!!!!!! – except that CNN mentioned Rick Perry’s equally inadvertent (while extremely less kinky) deleted tweet: since CNN waited until the end of the piece to mention it and didn’t note that Perry is a Republican, I’m going to rule no harm, no foul.

*I have to pay their ridiculous tolls on a regular basis, just to cross their state on my way to somewhere more interesting, not to mention less claustrophobic.  So I have paid for the right to sneer at Delaware, thank you very much.


Taking another look at the Scare Force One photo.

This really is a pretty bad picture, isn’t it?


I didn’t really take a look at it before, but Ann Althouse, Little Miss Attila, and Protein Wisdom Pub are all correct: that’s just a lousy photo.  It looks better in smaller versions, for reasons which I’m sure are immediately obvious to professional photographers – but in the full-size version it looks like somebody dipped it in nicotine oil.

The weirdest part?  This must have been the best picture, too.


Moe Lane

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