Tweet of the Day, Let Us Revisit One Of The Greatest Twitter Slams Ever edition.

It would appear that the Usual Sorts are trying to argue that the Second Amendment only covers black powder weapons, or whatnot. This argument was handily demolished in 2012, but by all means: bask once more in the glory of this burn.

I followed Carol Roth on the spot for that Tweet.


The @nytimes has a somewhat provincial audience itself, methinks.

I can’t say that I’m either particularly jubilant that Piers Morgan is going to lose his CNN gig, or obscurely depressed that the gun control movement will effectively lose such a particularly unhelpful spokesman for its cause.  It is a thing: I don’t watch CNN anyway and there’s always going to be somebody else who comes along with Morgan’s gift for negative PR.  (more…)


@piersmorgan should quit while he’s (hiding) behind (dead children).

Seriously, this is just embarrassing to CNN.



The Deport Piers Morgan petition drive now requires an official White House response.

Via @Yousefzadeh comes this admittedly silly, yet perversely entertaining, wuss-slap of Piers Morgan (whose opinion on gun control I did not in point of fact ask for):

Somebody thought of this point before I did, but I endorse it entirely: can we stop this stupid White House petition thing, already?  Nobody takes it seriously – except, I think, maybe the potheads. I didn’t sign the dang thing, myself – but I will cheerfully note that if Morgan takes from this the thought that “foreigners have less leeway to criticize our country than Americans do,” well, good. Honestly, he got this much of a pass from being a member of the Anglosphere.


#rsrh Hey, Stephanie Cutter goes beet red when she’s lying! Useful tell, that.

I may not be the most disinterested observer out there, but let me say this anyway.  Stephanie Cutter?  It was fairly obvious, during this interview, that you were thinking to yourself Is this what I went to Georgetown for?  Am I really letting myself look like an idiot on television by having to repeat this stupid 5 trillion thing when Piers Morgan – PIERS MORGAN – is calling me on my own contradictory rhetoric? Was it really worth it?



#rsrh Piers Morgan unhelpfully stomps all over Romney Olympic “gaffe” narrative.

If Morgan thought that the Left was going to scream at him before, well

[CNN anchor Brooke] Baldwin asked Morgan for his thought on Romney saying that he found London’s lack of security preparation for the Olympics “disconcerting.” Morgan said he thought Romney was correct.

“It’s no secret over here that for the last three weeks the security around the Olympics has been a shambles,” said Morgan. “The outside firm they got in to run it has been all over the place – they didn’t have enough people and the army had to be drafted in. So, Mitt Romney was only saying exactly what has been happening.”

For those who don’t speak British English, calling something a ‘shambles’ may be a bit more pointed than American English speakers might realize: I’m not sure that Piers Morgan meant to compare the situation to a Elizabethan era butcher’s shop… but I’m not sure that he didn’t mean to do that, either.

Moe Lane

PS: Just saw this. See Jim Geraghty for more shamble-worthy Olympic problems.

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