Obama administration decides to permit children’s access to abortifacients.

Because apparently it’s not like Barack Obama’s reputation can be any lower among pro-lifers, anyway.

The Obama administration has decided to stop trying to block over-the-counter availability of the best-known morning-after contraceptive pill for all women and girls, a move fraught with political repercussions for President Obama.

The government’s decision means that any woman or girl will soon be able to walk into a drugstore and buy the pill, Plan B One-Step, without a prescription.

Mind you, the President is still personally hesitant about allowing eleven year old girls to dose themselves with drugs because they think that they might be pregnant, or because their ‘boyfriend’ wants them to be ‘safe,’ or because it’s a hot new trend*.  It’s just that Barack Obama feels as a matter of public policy the Republic will fall if Planned Parenthood is stymied in any way, shape or form. (more…)


Well, we’re f*cked.

And by ‘we’ I mean ‘the Republican party,’ which is a identifier that may not resonate all that much with many of my readers.  So it goes: but fair warning.  I officially now have no sympathy for anybody who will end up getting upset if/when we end up with an even sh*ttier result than Plan B.

I’m trying to say this without heat, but neither am I going to pretend that watching Obama end up taking credit for ‘tax cuts’ next year is going to be anything like enjoyable.  Sorry about that.

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