Playstation 4 Playstation Now tech support bleg.

Basically, my eldest has decided to trade chores for a Playstation Now account, which is fine by me. What’s not fine is that there seems to be no way that he can play the games on there without first signing him up for a Playstation Network account. I don’t want him to have the account, I want him to piggyback off of mine the way that he does for the offline games.

I also am given to understand that you have to buy PS Now subscriptions for each person? …And I was Fine, he can have mine — I’m not using it, he is — but I don’t see how you can make that happen, either. It’s kind of annoying, the forums won’t let me post there, and good luck getting a staffer to help.


Moe Lane


I don’t think Fallout 4’s getting mods for the PS4 any time soon.

It just seems really unlikely at this point:

…PS4 players continue to wait for mods to arrive on the console, and there’s still no release date. Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines said the PS4 mods program is currently under “evaluation” and doesn’t have a day for when it will be ready to go.

I’m not going to pretend that I have the slightest idea what the problems supposedly are, how to fix them, or what’s stopping those problems from being fixed.  I am going to say that at this point I don’t know how many Playstation 4 people are going to care if Fallout 4 (MAD SUPER SALE THERE, FOLKS) gets mod support on it. That ship may have sailed.

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