Was off doing dad stuff.

Which apparently means that now I have to take the kids to the friendly local gaming store tomorrow and set them up with the Pokemon cards.  Assuming that the FLGS sells Pokemon, of course.  I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t.

Moe Lane

PS: Nah, this doesn’t bug me.  These are my and my wife’s children; I more or less assumed from their birth that eventually we’d be picking out which card crack they’d be getting hooked on. I’m mildly surprised it isn’t Magic: The Gathering, but then they’re young.  There’s plenty of time for the hard stuff later.

PPS: If this works out we’re going to use Pokemon Go to get them out of the house more. I already had to run around all over the place just setting it up; it really does look like a sneaky way to make me exercise.  Ach, well, the weather’s finally getting nice.

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OK, so there’s going to be a live-action Pokemon flick. …Done recoiling, yet?

No?  Well, we can wait.


Great! Now that we’re done recovering from hearing about the looming nightmare fuel that promises to be the live-action Pokemon movie, I have a question: has there been a live-action flick of this sort that wasn’t godawful? I’m not talking about stop-motion movies, like the ones that Blessed Harryhausen did; or even… ET, I suppose, or Short Circuit. Neither of those were close enough to human to trigger the Uncanny Valley effect.

I’m thinking of, say, something like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies, only it wasn’t bad.

Moe Lane

PS: Gremlins comes close, sure, but the puppets didn’t really have much dialogue.  And Small Soldiers… OK, I’d have accepted that one.  But the roster is still pretty dang sparse.


It’s hard out there for a Pokemon Trainer.

“I teach it to hate.
I teach it to win

Stone-cold, there.

Moe Lane

PS: I assume, of course, that I should never pick up this game if I ever want to have free time again, or see the Sun.

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