Tweet of the Day, @Politifact Just Has Too Much of A Democratic Bias edition.

Or perhaps they’re just too weary to care, at this point. I have to admit, that attitude is more attractive to me than I’d care to readily admit.

Mind you, administration supporters aren’t in the days of wine and roses, either. Even if you’re the sort of person who believes that history started in 1993, you probably still can’t help but notice that this Democratic President is making a remarkably worse hash of things than the last Democratic President did. That can’t be good for morale.


#rsrh “Is PolitiFact campaigning for Obama?” Yes. Next question?

I’m not being dismissive of Dustin Siggins’s post walking through yet another example of how, yea indeed, Politifact is campaigning for Obama; instead, I’m anticipating Glenn Reynolds, who will undoubtedly say something along the same lines just as soon as he sees Siggins’s post.  I’m also reminding Politifact that their dilution of their brand – for the sake of the Democratic party, no less – has not gone unnoticed…


#rsrh “Read my lips: no new debt.”

How silly is this claim by the President that “We will not be adding more to the national debt” under his budget?  Let me put it this way: when even the left-aligned PolitiFact is forced to rank your statement as “False” – despite a frantic reach-out from the White House – well, it’s pretty darn silly.  And as that first Heritage link shows, nobody’s buying the spin on this one.

Well.  Nobody that’s even the tiniest bit independent of the Democrats, at least.  Take a good look around and take careful note of who’s giving away the game on this one.

Via @cayankee.

Moe Lane

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