So, I wanted a freaking pork roll sandwich.

For those unaware, pork roll is often referred to as “Taylor ham,” and a sandwich made of it, cheese, pepper, salt, sometimes ketchup, and sometimes egg – all on a hard roll – is a New Jersey delicacy. There are two things that you can’t really get outside of NJ: proper pizza* and a proper pork roll sandwich. I always get both, whenever I’m up here.

FIVE stores in THREE towns before I could find one that took credit cards. I have spent far too long living in the Imperial District…

Moe Lane

*I am perfectly willing to grant that someone from, say, Chicago has a completely different definition of “proper pizza” than I do.


Pork roll on a Kaiser roll…

…no egg, American cheese and plenty of ketchup. Dear God, but I’ve missed this; you simply can’t get one in Maryland where I live.

NONE OF YOU SAY A WORD. I’ve seen the regional …foods… that most of you swear by, and I hold my tongue. Let me eat my damned pork roll in peace and quiet.

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