Can’t get Powergramo to work with Skype again.

Powergramo is what I use to record interviews on Skype.  Currently, Powergramo loads up, shows me the window that suggests that it’s creating a file of the call, but it won’t record calls – or maybe it won’t save them. I’m been fiddling with it for a couple hours and I’m done now, thanks. Anybody have any thoughts? I’m willing to accept ‘get something else besides Powergramo to record your Skype calls,’ if it’s not too dear.

I need an alternative to Powergramo. One that actually WORKS.

It’s got to be something that can record Skype calls, and something that doesn’t have a registration process that falls apart when the human that is supposed to send you an unlock code doesn’t bother, after you send twenty requests for it over two days.  I paid money for this.  I had to pay more money to get an emergency unlock of the interview that I needed, because that’s automated, at least.


I restrain my wrath at Skype’s customer service.

After all, it’s not Skype’s fault that I acquired an iPad2.  Or that I am still stubbornly trying to actually get some use out of the damned thing besides a p0rtable Netflix terminal.  Still…

OK, let me explain.  I have an iPad2; I have Skype for the iPad2; I do not have Powergramo, which is what I use to record Skype calls on my real computer*.  I would like the equivalent of Powergramo.  Apple tech support, of course, has no idea about what software I should purchase that would allow me to record Skype calls on the iPad; so I contact Skype to ask them, specifically, about what software I should be getting on the iPad that will allow me to record Skype calls.

Here’s their response:

While Skype does not include any in-built recording feature at this time, it is possible to use separate, external software to record your calls. One example of this software is Pamela. Pamela is a free, downloadable program that is fully compatible with Skype. It not only allows you to record your voice calls, but also your videos and your Instant Message chats.

This is, of course, a Windows product.  Way to read the emails of your customers fully before you respond there, Skype. Continue reading I restrain my wrath at Skype’s customer service.

iPad2/Skype recording bleg.

I’m in the process of configuring the iPad2 for work use, and I’ve run into a snag: I can download Skype for it, no problem – but I use Powergramo to record Skype calls for interviews, and it doesn’t seem to have a Apple version (yes, yes, I know: I will be typing variants of this statement for as long as I have an iPad2).  What should I be looking for that will do the same job? – I need something that records both ends of a Skype call, with separate audio tracks for each person on the call.

And what do iPad2 people use for audio editing, since they’re apparently not allowed to have Audacity?