7102017 Day today, Prime Day Tomorrow!

Today is kind of neat, in a palindrome kind of way: you can write today’s date (July 10, 2017) in numeric form so it’s the same, backwards and forwards (7102017).  Which means nothing in the greater scheme of things, of course.  But it’s still cool.

And tomorrow is Amazon’s Prime Day.  Well, actually today is Prime Day, annnnd there’s a code (PRIMEBOOKS17) for $5 off book purchases over $15.  It’s not five bucks per book, and it’s Amazon-only — but that’s still potentially worth contemplating, yes?


Tomorrow is Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day, to be specific.  It’s the twenty-year anniversary of Amazon.com, and they’re going to be selling a remarkable amount of stuff to commemorate it, apparently. You will no doubt be surprised to hear that I think that you should go click the above link tomorrow and buy a bunch of the aforementioned stuff.  Shocking, no?

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