In Nomine Revisited: Project Silence: DETACHMENT.

I know that this doesn’t make much sense, as written: it was based on an old concept that somebody else came up with for In Nomine. Think “Delta Green, but they’re fighting angels and demons, and it’s not quite so hopeless for Delta Green.” I had a friend asking around on it, though, so I might as well see how this works in the new system. (You can find the Project Silence stuff here.

Project Silence: DETACHMENT

Department of Collation
Office of Corporeal Observation
(Subdivision: North American Continent)
Commerce Park

Classification: NTN (Verification: SERAPH)

The following is a transcript of a meeting dated XX/XX/XX in Washington City, District of Columbia, the United States of America (precise corporeal space-time coordinates have been classified as NTN, Verification: SERAPH ARCHANGEL).  More complete dossiers on the participants are available upon request.  All Servitors of Trade, Revelations, Protection, Destiny, and Judgement cleared for this report are instructed to immediately report any and all encounters of the term “Project Silence: DETACHMENT” to their superiors.  Under no circumstances shall any cleared entity attempt to investigate said project further without full support from the appropriate agencies.

List of entities present at this meeting:


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