The *next* project.

It’s actually kind of interstitial. I realized that, hey: I have several years’ worth of short stories from my Patreon to draw from. I’ve picked out four of them (total word-count to be around 30-32K), one of which does need to be expanded a little because it could use it. They’re all horror, or at least horror-adjacent, with a common theme. The idea is to edit them some, have people read ’em, edit them some more, then release the four stories as a Kindle-only sampler.

Hopefully, I can get it done by the beginning of September. The only thing is, is this project a $.99 project, or is it a $1.99 one? Four stories, 32K words, remember. My inclination is to go with $.99, but I want people to take them seriously as stories…

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