Now I kind of want to get a PS4.

Apparently Infamous is quite the game to play.


I admit, Detroit: Become Human is slightly tempting.

As in, I’m almost tempted to get a PS4 so that I can play it.

I mean, sure, the plot is going to be regurgitated half-ass political jackwagonry, but the visuals look nice and I can groove to having a lot of branch points for a game like this. Alas, Detroit: Become Human is specific to the PS4, which makes it, ah, problematic. It’s not even that I wouldn’t be able to afford to get a PS4: I’m sure that if I could, if I wanted to spend none of my discretionary cash for about half a year. It’s that I have no useful place to put one.

Still. Pretty game.


Fallout 4 mods coming to PS4 after all. *Again*.

I swear to God, I keep reading this story something like every couple of months.  They must love torturing Playstation 4 owners, huh? …With ‘they’ remaining carefully undefined, of course. Anyway, GeekTyrant reports that the ‘pissing match,’ to quote the site (I agree with the site, by the way) is over:

It would appear now that things are smoothed over, but with Bethesda offering little to no detail, it’s not immediately clear who caved. Did Sony stand their ground and Bethesda break hoping to boost Skyrim Remastered PS4 sales, or did Sony relent and let Bethesda release the mods the way they want to the platform? Considering Fallout mods and now Skyrim mods were announced, we can assume that this deal was fairly recent as Bethesda likely doesn’t have mod support ready for PS4.

‘Course, this is of academic interest to me, mostly because I don’t have a PS4 and I’m currently anxiously waiting for more mod conversions for the PC version of the Skyrim Special Edition… (more…)


‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ ALMOST looks pretty enough to justify a PS4.

Not that I’m going to get a PS4 simply for one game.

Or, indeed, get a PS4 at all. I can’t seem to figure out how to schedule videogame time for myself on anything else except the PC.  This would be just another game I wouldn’t play and that my kids would eventually play in a few years. Which is not such a bad thing, of course – but a man’s got to know his limitations. (more…)


So I’m starting to talk myself into either a PS4…

…or a gaming laptop.  The Patreon money is beginning to accumulate a little, you see; but once it hits a certain level per month it stops being “Moe’s money” and starts becoming “household money that must be spent on responsible, adult things.” So I had better come up with something that’s fun AND …elaborate? Spectacular? Flashy? Sparkly?  You know what I mean.

Anyhoo: Ps4 is easier to save up for, gaming laptop I can take with me places.  People have opinions/recommendations?

Moe Lane

PS: I already have an Xbox 360 which needs to be brought downstairs and hooked up to the TV once, and for all.  Kids got LEGO Dimensions for Christmas, so I kind of have to. They’re eventually gonna remember that they got it…

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