In Nomine Revisited: The Insidious Psionic Llama Conspiracy.

Mentioned it earlier.

Insidious Psionic Llama Conspiracy – Google Docs


The Insidious Psionic Llama Conspiracy

(Uses my fan-generated In Nomine Psionic rules)

Llamas (regular)
Corporeal Forces: 2              Strength: 3 Agility: 5
Ethereal Forces: 0                 Intelligence: 0 Precision: 0
Celestial Forces: 1                Will: 2 Perception: 2

Skills: Fighting/1, Running/1
Advantages: Psionic (Telereceive only)
Psionic Discipline: Telepathy/3
Psionic Skills: Emotion Sense/2, Telereceive/3

Llamas are domesticated quadruped herbivores indigenous to South America: like their close cousins the camels, they make useful pack animals (albeit ones that spit), but llamas are notably better-tempered about their lot in life.  This particular species is generally used more for their carrying capacity than for anything else, as special variants were created for their wool.  Llamas also make fairly decent sheep-herders, for herbivores.  In other words, there’s not precisely a call for them in North America – a place already with all the horses, sheep and domesticated dogs that one could want.

So why are there llama-breeding farms cropping up here, anyway? (more…)


In Nomine Revisited: Psionics for In Nomine.

Psionics for In Nomine – Google Docs

This one I’m not reproducing in full on the site: the PDF is something like 23 pages long. It was based off of GURPS Psionics 3rd Edition, back in the day: I could probably rewrite it to take into account 4E, but GURPS In Nomine draws on 3rd Edition and it’s going to be a long time, if ever, that that sourcebook gets adapted to the new edition.  I’m not really even expecting them to ever do it, honestly.

Anyway, enjoy. I had forgotten that I wrote this up. Maybe somebody out there can use it…

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