Latest Cook Shift: Dem Woes Worsen.

It’s a little hard to immediately see, because what happened was an inadvertent cascade effect.  A couple of races became competitive at the same time that rather more races became rather more competitive, one after the other.  Net result?  Six Democrats are now in more danger of losing their seats, while one Democrat is now in less danger:

ID-01 Minnick Toss-Up Lean D
NC-02 Etheridge Solid D Likely D
NC-08 Kissell Likely D Toss-up
ND-AL Pomeroy Lean D Toss-up
PA-11 Kanjorski Lean D Toss-up
SD-AL Sandlin Likely D Lean D
UT-02 Matheson Solid D Likely D

And I doubt that progressives are going to be happy to hear that Walt Minnick is doing better, given that he’s been a highly unreliable vote for them this year.

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