Ooh. They got Rachel Kahn to illustrate the Yellow King RPG.

I just noticed that.  Rachel Kahn is, of course, the artist behind By Crom!, whose “Then you must go and GET some” print would be up on my wall if there were any prints available for sale.  In fact… oh, excellent: it is.

Anyway, she’s doing some of the art for the Yellow King RPG, and she certainly deserves the work, so check it out.  …Some more, I guess.  Sorry. I’ve been reading through the pre-release files, and this is really going to be something special in terms of a multi-layered RPG campaign. Also, I’ve been playing Secret World Legends all day, and my brain is kind of fried. So everything is awesome and cool and that sort of thing, savvy?


In the mail: By Crom!

The Kickstarter finally coughed it up.  I enjoyed it: aside from everything else, you can always tell when somebody’s really a fan, and Rachel Kahn is really a fan of Robert Howard’s Conan stories.  That gives her work a strength that I can relate to. Plus, Conan is actually giving her good advice!  …Because the character was not, in fact, stupid.  Which is something that I wish that Howard’s imitators understood better.

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