Jim Clyburn (D, South Carolina) accuses his fellow-Democrats of racism! …We *think*.

(H/T: Weasel Zippers) Oh, dear.

Bless his heart, U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC6) has the unfortunate affliction of speech. In a recent article in The State newspaper, the 73 year old, seven-term congressman claims there are “barriers” in South Carolina that prevent black candidates from winning statewide office;

One of them, he said, is the state law that requires a candidate to win 50 percent plus one of the votes cast in a primary election. Often, that requirement forces black candidates into runoff elections that are harder to win, he said.



Mary Landrieu (D) and Barack Obama (D) must denounce Lindel Toups’ (D) blatant racism.

This going to be an epic NAME! THAT! PARTY!!!!!:


It’s important for this to be understood, because Louisiana is going to take a PR hit thanks to the reptilian/[expletive deleted]-for-brains remark [Lindel Toups] was credited with making in a piece appearing Wednesday in the Tri-Parish Times about tomorrow’s referendum in Lafourche Parish about redirecting library funds toward a new parish jail…


But he’s a Democrat. And he’s a white guy. You will not hear that Lindel Toups is a Democrat from any other media source covering his “Let that son of a b[*]tch go back to Mexico” remarks – not the Los Angeles Times, not the Lafayette Independent, not United Press International, not Fox 8 TV in New Orleans, not Esquire Magazine.

And, in point of fact, Lindel Toups is a Democrat – but you knew that already, right? After all, when a politician starts screaming about the perfidy of Mexicans learning English and hippies on food stamps and nobody mentions the political affiliation… well. The “Name That Party” meme exists for a reason. (more…)


#OFA voting drive organizer guilty of Oberlin College racist vandalism spree?

So says the Daily Caller:

One of the two students removed from Oberlin College earlier this year for allegedly circulating virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus  is an ardent leftist and committed supporter of President Obama, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

Dylan Bleier, one of the two students, hosted a voter registration drive in a Walmart parking lot sponsored by Organizing for Action, the community organizing project that advances the agenda of President Obama.


Bleier also listed his participation in a group called Ithaca White Allies Against Structural Racism.



I am afraid that I have to disagree with Governor Paul LePage, here.

Pains me to do so, but I gotta.

Gov. Paul LePage told a group of Republicans last week that President Obama “hates white people,” according to two state lawmakers who say they heard the remark directly.


Each said LePage talked about how Obama could have been the best president ever if he had highlighted his biracial heritage. LePage said the president hasn’t done that because he hates white people.



So I guess @toure is *actually* arguing that George Zimmerman is Indio…

and thus not entitled to the same consideration that a good liberal should provide to European or Mestizo Hispanics. Hey, don’t look at me: I’m not the one making the dang distinction.

Toure, a liberal MSNBC analyst, argued today that George Zimmerman is Peruvian-American, not actually Hispanic, and that Republicans “are in their mansions because they don’t care” about the black community or black-on-black crime.

Toure explained that Republicans are “talking about black-on-black crime to block the conversation around a Peruvian-American, not a Hispanic, a Peruvian-American shooting a black man.”


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Longtime Obama supporter Paula Deen fired from Food Network for racist language.


In this day and age

Paula Deen, the self-proclaimed queen of Southern cooking and a sugary mainstay of the Food Network, was dropped by the network on Friday, after a bewildering day in which she failed to show up for an interview on the “Today” show and then in two online videos begged her family and audience to forgive her for using racist language.

A network spokeswoman said it would not renew Ms. Deen’s contract when it expired at the end of June. Ms. Deen has faced a volley of criticism this week over her remarks in a deposition for a discrimination lawsuit by a former employee. In the document, she admitted she had used racial epithets, tolerated racist jokes and condoned pornography in the workplace.

…Yup, she’s a Democrat – a word that, inexplicably enough, does not appear in the New York Times piece. Neither does the word “supporter,” or the names “Barack” or “Michelle Obama.”  Guess that the Old Grey Lady was pressed for space, huh? (more…)


Charming: union shill using race-based attacks on Michelle Rhee.

I was born a Democrat; grew up in a labor union household; and generally raised in an atmosphere with, ah, colorful language. And if I had ever used this kind of language my father the union organizer would have backhanded me for it:

Standing in front of the Education Department’s headquarters in downtown Washington, Miami-Dade County teacher Ceresta Smith referred to former District of Columbia Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee—founder and CEO of the advocacy group StudentsFirst—as an “Asian b[*]tch.”

He’d have been right to, too.  Democrat or no, that sh*t just ain’t right.  But I’m willing to bet that the Democrats will tolerate it being said about Ms. Rhee… (more…)


Why it’s a mug’s game for a minority to *run* as a Democrat.

I personally think that Sean Higgens is taking too seriously Josh Marshall’s pandering to his own side over minorities in the GOP – short version: Marshall’s assertion of increased minorities in GOP = white people fleeing GOP is mostly aimed at making white Democrats feel better at their own not-very-closeted racism* – but I’d like to note this:

[A]s any Republican fundraising consultant will tell you, there’s no better way to make Republican donors open their wallets than to send out a mailer with a black conservative asking for money. The Republican Party could use a lot more credible black and Hispanic primary candidates, perhaps. But when given the opportunity, Republican primary voters in extremely white districts do nominate conservative Black and Hispanic candidates for office.



Michael Moynihan does not think things QUITE through.

There is a remarkable disconnect here.  Which is a shame, because otherwise it was a pretty good essay on the way that the moralistic (mostly) Left keeps cheapening the language (not that Michael Moynihan would put it that way).

“It’s a movie! It’s a movie! It’s a movie!” an exasperated Mark Boal told The Times of London last week. Boal is the journalist turned screenwriter behind Zero Dark Thirty , a gripping dramatization of America’s decade-long hunt for Osama bin Laden. And unless you have retreated to a cave in Tora Bora, you’ve likely heard that the film’s depiction of torture [he means 'waterboarding' -ML] has engendered so much controversy that it has been denounced by politicians, pundits, and members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

[snip of various stuff, eventually ending up on the TV show Girls, and Lena Dunham's circle of friends.]

What is alarming, though, is that the most toxic charge in public life—the accusation of racism—demands a rather low burden of proof, and there are no sanctions to be levied against those who deploy the charge carelessly.

Because if Lena Dunham is racist, then what does one call David Duke?

I dunno, Michael Moynihan – hey! If waterboarding is torture, then what does one call cutting off fingers with a custom-built machine?

Moe Lane


Partner of Mark Pocan (D CAND, WI-02) sent threatening texts to attacked Kyle Wood (staffer to R-CAND). [UPDATE: Story Recanted]

[FURTHER UPDATE: Media Trackers retracts, apologizes for putting out the story. My apologies to Mr. Frank for my reaction; it was obviously uncalled for.]

[UPDATE: The police are now reporting that the staffer's story has been recanted. Absent any evidence to the contrary, this would include the alleged text messages: I look forward with some interest to whether that, at least, can be verified. And yes, you may safely assume that I do not appreciate people lying to the police about things like this. - Moe Lane]

OK, remember the Kyle Wood incident from last week?  Short version is, Kyle Wood is a staffer for Chad Lee, the Republican candidate for WI-02, which is Tammy Baldwin’s current district.  Chad is opposed by Mark Pocan.  Tammy Baldwin happens to be gay.  Mark Pocan happens to be gay.  Kyle Wood happens to be gay.  And Kyle Wood was assaulted in his home last week, allegedly for being a gay Republican who was out of the closet and supporting a straight Republican running in a Democratic district.  This is a real story: the cops are looking for “Male, white, mid-20s, 6′-6’2″, curly brown hair, broad nose, with a muscular build.”

Now, let’s meet Philip Frank.

[picture removed]



What the Obamaphone Woman Video ACTUALLY teaches us.

So, via Erick I see that the Atlantic is having a tizzy – or possibly an episode – over this Obamaphone Woman video…

Oh, dear: wrong video.  Can’t imagine how that got in there.  Here’s the real one.



Rep. Ed Perlmutter’s (D, CO-07) INCOMPETENT, xenophobic race-baiting.

Here’s a quick question: what do you see, when you see this picture?  There are two answers.

(Via Colorado Observer)

If you’re a regular person, you see Eun Cha, war veteran, businessman, and naturalized citizen.  This is one of those guys who we’re thinking about when we talk about the American Dream, and how it can transform people’s lives; Mr. Cha emigrated to this country from South Korea, then built a life for himself and his family by working his way up through the Coors Brewing Company (this will be important later).  This is, in short, a guy who heard about America, thought that it was a great idea, and made it work for him – and by extension, us.

If you’re Ed Perlmutter, on the other hand, you see some evil Chinese guy out to steal good American jobs, or whatever the heck it is that Perlmutter thinks will pander to (the hopefully rare) racist voters in Colorado’s 7th district.


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