Reps. Defazio, Grijalva slavering over Ed Markey’s Ranking Membership.

I’m not entirely certain why – Natural Resources is one of those committees where the basic goal of the Republicans is to inflict Maximum Fun on the Democrats; and when the GOP holds the House the Maximum Fun is very, very Maximum indeed – but I guess that there’s money in it?

Rep. Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., has yet to win the Senate seat vacated by now-Secretary of State John F. Kerry, but Reps. Peter A. Defazio and Raúl M. Grijalva are already fighting over who should replace him as the top Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee.

The two Democratic lawmakers are arguing not only over legislative records and policy positions, but also over the weight that should be given to seniority.

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#rsrh QotD, Raul Grijalva Thinks You’re Stupid Edition.

The honorable representative from Arizona, on civility levels these days:

“Not even in our worst days as Democrats did we demean and attempt to cripple the office of president.”

…sayeth the man who cosponsored articles of impeachment against then-Vice President Dick Cheney.  In early 2008, no less, which means that Grijalva had no better motive here than to try to take a cheap shot against the President.  By proxy.  When it was already clear that when it came to this particular subject Bush was right, and Grijalva was wrong.  And if you don’t believe me, go ask President Obama, who has c0ntinued the war policies* that Grijalva wanted to impeach Cheney over.  You won’t get a straight answer from Obama, mind – but then, when did we ever?

We will now pause while various antiwar faction members try to claim that attempting to impeach the Vice President should not be seen as an attempt to “demean and attempt to cripple the office of president.”  I’d say forgive them – after all, at this point this is all that they have – but I find that I have very little forgiveness in my heart for people who’d happily throw any number of non-Westerners onto the pyre, just to win an election…

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Moe Lane

*If not quite as competently.

Meet Ruth McClung (R CAND, AZ-07).

This interview actually took place last week, but got delayed due to personal considerations that aren’t really relevant to the AZ-07 race. Ruth is a bona fide rocket scientist facing Raul Grijalva, who is mostly known for trying to drive up Arizona’s unemployment rate in a fit of, bluntly, pique. Oh, yeah: Grijalva also aids and abets pro-terrorist organizations.

Ruth and I had a chat about various aspects of the race:

Ruth’s site is here.

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Meet the Fallujah Four.

These would be the four Democrats [Sen. Barbara Boxer (D, CA); Rep. Henry Waxman (D, CA-30); Rep. Dennis Kuchinich (D, OH-10); and Rep. Raul Grijavla (D, AZ-07)] who provided letters of introduction and support to the pro-terrorist groups Code Pink/Global Exchange in 2004. Those groups used these letters to facilitate their delivery over a half a million dollars’ worth of aid to terrorists in Fallujah actively fighting American troops; which is, by the way, treason by any reasonable interpretation of the US Constitution.

Note that I am not accusing these Members of Congress of committing treason, merely the American members of Code Pink and Global Exchange. Rep. Waxman – one of the Congressmen involved – claims that he was not aware that the letter of introduction and support that he provided would be used in support of ‘insurgents*’ (by which Waxman means terrorists shooting at American and allied forces in Iraq); this ignorance is appallingly possible, given that Waxman is a Democrat, and thus defaults to being appallingly pig-ignorant on national security, national defense, and foreign affairs. No word as of yet what the other three Members of Congress were thinking – or, indeed, whether they were thinking at all. No doubt if asked they will likewise deny treasonous intent on their part: it is generally preferable to be thought merely abjectly stupid, instead of guilty of a crime that technically carries the death penalty.

After the fold is a list of the Fallujah Four – and their opponents in the upcoming election. For while being duped by pro-terrorist groups like Code Pink and Global Exchange is not treasonous, neither is it something to reward with a position of trust and responsibility in the United States government. Continue reading Meet the Fallujah Four.

Ruth McClung (R CAND, AZ-07) Moneybomb.

I’m in the process of processing for tomorrow morning the interview I had with Ruth McClung a couple of hours ago, but (via Instapundit) she’s doing a moneybomb right now: she’s aiming for $100K and has gotten $77K so far.  The theme is “Goodbye. Grijalva” – and goodness knows that such a thing would be absolutely swell.  Raul Grijalva, of course, is the legislator so out of touch with his district that he begged people to boycott his own state for its temerity in wanting to enforce federal immigration law.  She’s on the radar now and this is the sort of race that can suddenly come within reach under precisely these conditions, so check her out, and look to see the interview tomorrow.

And there’s still time on the moneybomb.

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