I am going to be blunt about recalling Senators.

This specific bad idea is courtesy of Hot Air: apparently people want to recall Marco Rubio (:shaking head: I told you guys, no Senators.  I did!) over immigration.  This is the checklist that you have to go through, to recall Marco Rubio:

  1. Pass a Constitutional amendment in Congress that would permit states to recall federal legislators.  ANYBODY WHO IS TELLING YOU THAT THIS IS NOT A NECESSARY STEP IS EITHER WRONG, OR PERNICIOUS.  You will be able to tell which by whether or not that person is asking for your credit card number.
  2. Have that Constitutional amendment get ratified by the states.
  3. Pass legislation in Florida that would give the state the ability to recall federal legislators.
  4. Start a recall on Marco Rubio.
  5. Have it succeed.
  6. Win the resulting recall election.

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#rsrh The Kaus is cruel. (With additional netroot desperation!)

Mind you, Mickey is going to be cruel every time a labor union cries; that man is one of the most stubborn Democrats that I’ve ever seen, and I’m from a Boston Irish Catholic background.

Extra points for Mickey’s link to dKos’s we-totally-won-and-I-hate-grapes-anyway post; I normally wouldn’t link over there, but watching Moulitsas be desperate enough to try to actually recruit a Wisconsin Republican Senator to the losing side has a certain raddled charm to it.  Besides, it’s going to be darned difficult to laugh at those people today if I don’t throw some of them links…

Moe Lane

PS: There’s another round of recalls next week.  Us winning there too will help us rack up a nice score.

Shelly Moore’s (D CAND, WI-SEN) UNETHICAL recall freeloading.

“We are not supposed to use school email, but… I don’t frankly care.*”

Before we go any further, let’s establish something right now.  As this complaint from the WI GOP shows (see more here), Shelly Moore was well aware that she was not supposed to be using her school account to coordinate and encourage both the Big Labor protests earlier in the year and recall efforts against Wisconsin Senators (particularly since she ended up being the Democratic candidate opposing State Senator Sheila Harsdorf).  This cannot be contested.  Shelly Moore herself admitted as such… in a work email:


Shelly Moore just didn’t care. That’s not a bowdlerization: she said, explicitly, “I don’t frankly care.”  Despite the fact that her activities violate an ethical pledge that Moore signed when she started working as a public school teacher.  Despite the fact that there are good and valid reasons why public sector employees must not give even the appearance of impropriety when it comes to separating out their private and public activities – let alone now, when Moore was in fact acting improperly.  Despite the fact that the state of Wisconsin gave her that email account in order to do her job, which was not “coordinate union- and Democrat-backed protests against the state government – while on the public dime.”  And despite the fact that Shelly Moore is in a position to personally profit quite nicely from all of these activities, given that she’s a candidate for political office now.  Nope.  None of these considerations matter.

Because Shelly Moore just doesn’t care.

Sheila Harsdorf for re-election to Wisconsin State Senate.  Unless, of course, you just don’t care, either.

Moe Lane (crosspost)
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#rsrh :snort: Of COURSE Wisconsin Dems…

…won’t run Democrats in Republican recall primaries.  The point of that strategy is to delay the election for another month*, which is something that the Democrats don’t want.  Which is why they’re bitterly whining about it now; apparently, they’re quite upset that their opponents can and will play by all the rules of the game.

Seriously, none of this should be a surprise: we went over this already.

Moe Lane

*Something that’s obvious to anybody with a triple-digit IQ; which is of course why We Are Wisconsin didn’t ‘get’ it.