#rsrh Staff on GOP re-election campaigns, please read.

I’m not going to mince words: keep your C0ngressmen and Senators from voting for the Stopping Online Privacy Act.  If they do vote for it, do not promise them access to online grassroots support; if this thing passes, I for one will be checking voting records as part of the process of deciding whether or not to help out a particular Republican legislator*.  I won’t be the only one, either.

And – forgive me for saying this – I don’t really care what the motivation was for a ‘yes’ vote.  I’m already pushing the limits of my tolerance by giving ostensible Republicans/conservatives a pass if the bill itself doesn’t.

Moe Lane

*Staff on Democratic re-election campaigns, please note: for your people I’ll be doing that whether SOPA passes or not.  There’s a heck of a lot of online cross-party and cross-ideology opposition to this bill; it’s going to be a digital albatross around the neck of anybody who votes for it, and a wise adviser will advise his or her boss to avoid the initial shooting.

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