…And, oh, yeah: John Boehner’s resigning.


I actually never had as much of a problem with Speaker John Boehner as other people did; no, seriously. Honestly, he had a tough job. A job I would not want. Any caucus where I’m one of the reasonable people in it is gonna be a nightmare. I wish that he fought more, but I’m always gonna wish that.

Besides, he’s out the door, right? John Boehner will go take the hit on a continuing resolution, resign from Congress, and retire to Florida. No matter how much any of my readers may hate the first clause of the preceding sentence, the second and third clauses fulfill many conservative activists’ dreams. And life will, as it does, go on.


BREAKING: Rep. Aaron Schock (R, IL-18) cu… ah, ‘to resign.’

This is not expected, but neither is it a surprise.

Aside from everything else: honestly, Rep. Schock was showing signs of Invulnerability Syndrome. Legislators get that after their third or fourth term, sometimes: they think that they’ve got this, so they can do whatever they like. It doesn’t… really work that way, as many a politician has subsequently discovered. As Aaron Schock has just demonstrated.

Moe Lane

PS: Take the special election for IL-18 seriously. The voters have been known to spank the party, if they can’t spank the politician. It happens quite often, in fact.


The @Oregonian wants John Kitzhaber to resign… now that he can be safely replaced with a Democrat.

And this is how corruption works on the Pacific Coast.


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