Breaking: Hilda Solis has resigned as Secretary of Labor.

Pretty much out of nowhere: as of an hour ago CNN was reporting that the White House was touting Hilda Solis as a mark of its diversity.


Mind you, they were doing so as part of a post about how Barack Obama’s Cabinet is becoming, and I quote CNN here, ‘a boys club.’  At any rate, this was and is very much a surprise, so there are two questions to ask:

  1. Did Hilda Solis resign, or was she pushed?  Or is she running like blazes before the revelations detonate?
  2. What white guy will Barack Obama pick as her replacement?  – Because it probably will be one.  Philip Klein suggests that the President should not waste our time this go-round and just nominate Dick Trumka; while that would be a mistake, it does have the virtue of essential honesty.

This is going to be an interesting few weeks.

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#rsrh David Wu (D, OR) resigns over sex scandal.

I guess somebody explained to him that ‘having a sexual encounter’ with the daughter of a campaign contributor – particular one one-third your age – doesn’t get magically better when you explain that the whole thing was consensual.  Whatever she might or might not be saying about the matter.  Anyway, Wu’s on his way out the door: slowly but surely, the Democratic establishment is learning that leaving a Charlie Rangel or a Pete Stark or a Jim Moran or a …Sheila Jackson Lee** in place does their party no favors.

Anyway, at this rate I am never going to get to put together a list of Democrats I Plan To Help Remove in 2012*: the best candidates keep petulantly quitting before I can compile one.

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