The RESPECT teaser trailer.

I don’t go to many non-genre films. Heck, these days I’m not going to films at all. But I’m considering this one.

Aretha Franklin always got an automatic pass from me on everything, I don’t care, the subject is closed. Jennifer Hudson looks real promising in the role, and I can suspend disbelief in the voice* long enough. I think I may see this in theaters, assuming of course that we’re ever getting those back.

Moe Lane

*This is no more a slam than it would be about Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in WALK THE LINE.

The “…*Maybe.*” RESPECT Teaser Trailer.

I never thought about it before about two minutes ago, but I know with an absolute certainty that the actress absolutely must get Aretha Franklin’s voice right if you want to do a movie about Aretha. Does Jennifer Hudson do so, in this RESPECT teaser trailer? …Yes, but tightly under controlled conditions.

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