Rep. Janice Hahn (D, California-44) bails out of Congress.

Normally I would say that Janice Hahn cut and ran, but CA-44 is a D+32 district.  That’s… pretty safe for a Democratic candidate. Anyway, we all missed this news from last week; and, her reasons for retiring? It is to laugh:

“The problem is, Washington is broken, it’s increasingly mired in political gridlock, and there’s virtually zero cooperation between the two parties. That’s not the kind of government I grew up with, and it’s precisely why I know I can do more for the Los Angeles region on the Board of Supervisors,” Hahn said in a statement announcing her decision.



Report: Jay Carney soul-drained almost to replacement level.

Yeah, basically, in this administration your ultimate purpose as a staffer is to be steadily leeched of everything – energy, time, life, soul, self-esteem – and then be discarded like the empty beer can that you more or less are to them.  This is happening to Jay Carney even as we speak; he’s apparently on the way out the door, just in time to avoid being asked all those pesky questions about how the President feels about losing the Senate*. It’s actually kind of sad that he’s going. (more…)


Jim Moran (D, Virginia-08) to crawl back under the pestilent rock from which he spawned.

No word yet whether they’re going to clean, fumigate, or sterilize his office. Assuming that they just don’t evacuate it and clean out the fetid hole with a thermite grenade, of course. I’m not sure if they should go that far, though: it might destroy any evidence that might be buried at the bottom of the muck.

As you might have guessed, I am not fond of Jim Moran.  My morning is thus made:

Senior appropriator and progressive stalwart James P. Moran will step down at the end of this year, making him the third House Democrat in just three days to announce his retirement.

The 12-term Virginia lawmaker will announce his decision in a Wednesday morning statement obtained early by CQ Roll Call.


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