On yesterday’s exercise in public political rhinotillexomania.

I’m not going to gnaw bitter bones – I forget where I stole that line from, alas – on yesterday’s Meltdown over Plan B, but I’m going to make one observation about how bad a PR disaster the GOP (specifically, the folks that I’m usually allied with) stumbled into last night.  To wit: Yes, the Media hates us, and wants us all to die in grease fires.  This does not mean that you get to pick your nose in public.  And I’m not really happy at the way that some of our fire-breathers got caught committing rhinotillexomania. You should have been at that meeting, Rep. Huelskamp.  You shouldn’t have been surprised that you called up something that which you could not put down, Rep. Amash.  This vote was more important than gumbo, Rep. Gowdy.

The merits of their position are one thing; I could very well be wrong about how we’re in a worse place right now.  Wouldn’t be the first time.  But don’t make it easy for the Media to have a field day.  And yes, it does matter.

Moe Lane

PS: STOP.  It matters.  Things can always get worse.

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