OH County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora (D) threatens reporter’s wife.

This was pretty funny, right up to the moment where (Democratic) Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora threatened reporter Henry Gomez’s wife.

The background is as follows: Dimora is being investigated as part of a corruption probe* – yes, I know, corruption in Cuyahoga county; how shocking – and Dimora is a bit upset about the way Gomez (and his paper the Plain Dealer) is covering the investigation.  So Dimora ups and accuses Gomez and his paper of not reporting a particular detail of the investigation: to wit, that Ohio Auditor (and Republican candidate for Lt. Governor) Mary Taylor had not released two years’ worth of audits.  Only problem is, this had been reported – including a quote from, guess who?  that right, Jim Dimora – and when Gomez told Dimora about this, Dimora called Gomez a liar.

So far, so funny.  Now here’s the unfunny bit:


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