Breaking: Rep. Robert Wexler resigning from Congress.

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Which is… interesting.  After all, FL-19 is a D+16 district.  On the other hand, his district includes parts of Boca Raton, which is another way of saying that there’s a lot of old people in his district.  Certainly his fellow-Democrat Ron Klein is facing a race next district over with Allen West.  But we’re not doing that well in the 2010 expectations game, surely?

Moving along, speculation is that Wexler’s up for the ambassadorship to Israel.  If true, this should infuriate progressives: while liberal, Wexler is also very strongly pro-Israel, not to mention involved with AIPAC.  Which might explain why the President would pick him for the slot – after all, the last thing that the USA needs right now is another foreign policy blunder.  That it’d be an affront to the netroots may be merely more lagniappe

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