Oh, hey. A Kickstarter for a new edition of a LotR RPG.

:while clicking to sign up for launch notification: THE ONE RING: ROLEPLAYING GAME, Second Edition. Yay.

:grumbling: There was nothing wrong with the MERP/Rolemaster stuff sure it’s thirty years… [expletive deleted] me, try forty, Moe …old but that just makes it venerable why can’t we have a commemorative edition grumble grumble whine grumble.

H/T: @TychoBrahe.

Not being an initiate of Gygax does have its advantages.

Heh.  Something like this happened to me: to wit, like Tycho of Penny Arcade, in my house, growing up, AD&D was specifically banned.

… my mom gave me an incredible gift here that almost certainly informed my life.  I think a lot of people go right to D&D, and that’s it.  You can play Dungeons & Dragons your whole life, I’m not gonna tell you that would be bad.  It is at least as good and probably better than a lot of the shit you get up to.  But she didn’t let me start with it, and the reason doesn’t matter now.  I was made to cast a wide net, and I hauled up treasure.

But, like Tycho… my mom just banned AD&DMERP/Rolemaster?  No problem.  Car Wars?  OK. GURPS? Sure, no worries.  …Paranoia?  Fine, although Orcbusters pushed my mom’s buttons.  I suspect that a lot of gamers have that history; and the members of the gaming industry that aren’t working for Wizards of the Coast should be, frankly, properly grateful about it.

Moe Lane