The ‘Casting The Runes’ Kickstarter.

Casting the Runes (GUMSHOE roleplaying in the world of MR James ghost stories) is tempting. Oh, so tempting. Unfortunately, my budget these days has one line item on it: book expenses. Art and editing ain’t cheap*. But check out the below anyway!

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Moe Lane

*Speaking of which: Patreon!


In the Mail: The Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook.

I’m going to look over it for a week or so and decide whether to run a game in it for WashingCon. I’m not sure that I’m familiar with the actual rule set that the Dragon Age RPG uses, for one thing. I also don’t know whether I want to run a slugfest, which may be the tacit default option here.  I’ll mull it all over for a bit.






That moment when you realize…

…that the RPG supplement whose used-book price you’re looking at ruefully is actually a second edition of a previous supplement, under a different name. And that the picture on the cover looks awfully familiar. And then you go look on your shelves, and lo! There it is.

Yes. THAT moment. That f*cking moment.

[UPDATE] For clarity: I didn’t spend money on this.  Just an hour and a half of frustrating shopping time.


Alas, waiting on confirmation…

…that a particular game line is cool with fan-based materials being published on public sites for non-commercial use.  I know that they typically are, but I’m trying to get back into the industry. Better safe then sorry when it comes to other people’s IP, you know what I mean?


My PJ Lifestyle piece on not being a jerk in a online roleplaying game is up.

Found here. Short version: remember that you’re not some sort of special snowflake. Also, learn the fine art of shutting up.

That’s a generic ‘you,’ of course. I have only the nicest and sweetest of readers.


My PJ Lifestyle post on food and gaming is up!

Found here. Short version: when you game, eat properly. You’re probably not 21 anymore.  Heck, eat properly even when you’re 21. And no cheese curls; the powder wrecks the books.


Need some game system advice.

I may be running a game for my group soon.  Looks like it’ll be steampunk; vampires have been requested, but not horror vampires.  I imagine that it’ll end up being something like The Parasol Protectorate series, only with Martian aether ships because dammit I want to have those.

I can easier put something together with 3rd edition GURPS, but I thought I’d check to see if people had opinions on a game system that might be specifically designed for such things already.  I have Castle Falkenstein, Space: 1889, Savage Worlds, GURPS of course, enough of the Hero System to work with the rest, Deadlands basic, and God knows what lurking in the PDFs.


Walp. Stuff JUST GOT REAL on the OGRE Kickstarter.

This is how it goes, people: they get to $700K on the OGRE Kickstarter, then SJG will start a Car Wars Kickstarter.

This I want, for two reasons:

  1. I’ve been buying Car Wars since it came in little plastic boxes.
  2. If they Kickstart Car Wars, maybe they’ll Kickstart… In Nomine.  Which was and is my single favorite roleplaying game setting of all time.  More than Castle Falkenstein, more than Unknown Armies, more than Feng Shui, more than Paranoia, and yes, more even than Delta Green. And it may take a Kickstarter to get a Second Edition.

So… well, three days to go on that, huh? I’m already in at the $100 level (not quite able to hit $150, but that’s just swank at this point), myself.


Walp. Looks like I get to pen-and-paper RPG again.

Going to be playing me some third-ed Nobilis.  Should be an interesting stretch of my roleplaying muscles, given that I am pretty much a power gamer who is nonetheless going to be behaving himself and not blow up the game.

Which reminds me… there may or may not be a pickup game at that con in Tampa that’s going on in August.  It’ll all depend on whether I get any interest*.  If there is one, it’s going to be something that I can run with a minimum of books: that means either 3rd edition GURPS or In Nomine, although I wouldn’t say no to a guest GM doing a political-themed topical Unknown Armies

But NO LARPS.  I don’t want to get shot by the Secret Service.

Moe Lane

*Which there may be.  Every time I go to a multi-day political convention I invariably have somebody sidle up to me and admit sotto voice that yeah, they game.


In the (E)-Mail: Ken Hite’s Night’s Black Agents.

On super-special pre-pre-order edition, mostly because I get the general impression that they could use the pre-pre-orders.  Well, that and the fact that a roleplaying game that features both classic spy paranoia and vampires is going to appeal to me on general principles.

Not a review copy, alas: I don’t have that kind of mojo in the gaming world, more’s the pity.  What I’ve read of it so far is spiffy, though.  Pelgrane Press’s stuff usually is.

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