Ross Douthat tells the New York Times things they don’t want to hear about Planned Parenthood.

Think what you like about Ross Douthat, but publishing this at the New York Times is a genuine truth-to-power moment on his part. Somebody’s going to try to get him fired for writing this. It’s exactly the sort of thing that NYT readers generally want to avoid thinking about:

…real knowledge isn’t purely theoretical; it’s the fruit of experience, recognition, imagination, life itself.

And the problem these videos create for Planned Parenthood isn’t just a generalized queasiness at surgery and blood.

It’s a very specific disgust, informed by reason and experience — the reasoning that notes that it’s precisely a fetus’s humanity that makes its organs valuable, and the experience of recognizing one’s own children, on the ultrasound monitor and after, as something more than just “products of conception” or tissue for the knife.

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Ross Douthat to replace Bill Kristol at NYT.

Starting online, then going to print.

A year ago I would have called that a step down for Douthat. Then again, a year ago Andrew Sullivan hadn’t decided yet to start stalking Sarah Palin online. Since the Atlantic is apparently institutionally fine with that, hey, any port in a storm.

Via The Other McCain, who is even now discovering that God is an iron*.

Moe Lane

*Goes like this: if a felon is someone who commits a felony, then somebody who commits irony is an…

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They’re remaking the Taking of Pelham 123?

Count me in with Ross Douthat and Jonah Goldberg: this is just plain dumb. If the horrible remakes of Rollerball and Death Race 2000 taught us anything, it should have taught us this: don’t remake Seventies dystopia movies – which The Taking of Pelham One Two Three most emphatically is.

I’d say “What next? Are they going to remake “The Warriors?” – except that I’ve yet to catch that one, actually. But if they do, it’ll still probably suck.