#rsrh Andrew Malcolm, Rudolf Hess, and Osama bin Laden.

The first uses an event involving the second to illustrate a point about the third.

Less cryptically: Andrew points out that Rudolf Hess’s body was evicted from its grave after the lease ran out*, cremated, and the ashes scattered at sea – largely because Hess’s grave had become a magnet for neo-Nazis, and nobody wants those guys around.  Which is largely why we threw Osama bin Laden’s rapidly cooling corpse into the Indian Ocean**; let jihadi-wannabes try to cover that in flowers.

No, actually, knowing human beings they probably won’t pick one spot and commemorate the SOB there.  They’ll probably pick three or four, then fight with each other which is the ‘best’ one (hopefully, with live ammo).

Moe Lane

*Apparently you can lease grave space in Europe.  Hell, for all I know that’s the worldwide industry standard.

**Not to mention the Soviets’ Russians’ notoriously tight-lipped non-response to any and all polite inquiries on what happened to Hitler’s body.  I struck out ‘Soviets’ because while I no longer cut Commies any slack, I can’t say that I blame the Russians on this one…

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