Book of the Week: Deep Roots (The Innsmouth Legacy).

I suspect that Ruthanna Emrys would find my interest in her Innsmouth Legacy series (latest book: Deep Roots) perhaps a bit disconcerting*.  But I’m liking this current book for the same reason why I liked Winter Tide: it’s a thoughtful look at how HP Lovecraft’s creations can be re-imagined into a less horrific form, while still keeping all of the mythology and history and whatnot.  This latest one involves the Mi-Go; and so far they’re less incomprehensible whisperers from the darkness, and more smug jackwagons.  I find this to be remarkably entertaining, in its way.

*Although it’s equally likely that she just yelled “DID THE CREDIT CARD CHARGE GO THROUGH?” and not worry about it.  Pay to the order of, baby.  That’s the most beautiful poetical phrase in the English language, as Bob Heinlein once noted.


Book of the Week: Winter Tide.

I quite liked Ruthanna Emrys’ Winter Tide, albeit for slightly different reasons than perhaps the ones for why she wrote it.  The attempt here was to take Lovecraft’s mythology and, well, turn it on its head; the basic facts would remain, but the motivations and whatnot would be different — and in a way that would present the Deep Ones as basically sympathetic characters who got the short end of a very nasty stick in 1928.  There’s also a not-unexpected amount of social commentary about the imperfections of our grandparents’ generation (well, my grandparents’ generation), but you have to expect that from current literary fads. (more…)

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