Sacramento Teamster attacks counter-protester.

There’s just something special about seeing a would-be member of the modern Left’s Sturmabteilung shove around a counter-protester while screaming about ‘fascists.’  I assume that’s why the report is that this is a MoveOn.org guy: that sort of behavior is precisely the sort of room-temperature IQ maneuver that you’d expect from that crowd.

Note that the counter-protester got shoved twice; also note that Mr. Brownshirt was fully decked out in his gang leathers Teamster jacket in the process.  Hey, why don’t you sing “Look for the Union Label” next time you commit assault for the cameras?  That should really bring the message home that you’re operating under the sanction of your union.

Via @brooksbayne.

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PS: I fully expect this kind of situation to escalate until somebody’s dead or seriously injured.  And I expect that to happen because the union goons that Dick Trumka is currently winding up and setting loose don’t understand that cameras are everywhere now, and that threats of violence and/or acts of intimidation are not going to be sufficient this time.  So the unions will get more violent, and it will get caught on tape, and that’s when things will get truly ugly.

So now would be a good time for the union leadership to start walking back from all of this.  They won’t, because the union leadership has a collective mental map of the political landscape that’s twenty years out of date, but they should.


SEUI goons in Sacramento?

[UPDATE] Err… yes.  Yes, of course that was an intentional typo in the title.

Well, this is an interesting report:

Via @thebcast.  My first inclination is of course to believe this Ken Hamidi fellow… as is my second, third, and fourth inclination. And none of those links directly involve Kenneth Gladney: in fact, not all of them involve right-wing sources.  Nonetheless, innocent until proven guilty… even when it comes to SEIU’s purpleshirts.  If they have evidence to show that Hamidi was at fault, I’m sure that it’ll become obvious soon enough.

Moe Lane


I don’t see why Mayor Kevin Johnson is upset.

It’s not like he got actually mugged, or anything.  Just robbed while taking mass transit.

I mean, sure, the incident suggests that San Francisco is a crime-ridden disaster, but what Democratic-controlled urban area isn’t, these days? Shoot, the current unemployment rate of Mayor Johnson’s Sacramento itself was 12.3% in August. That’s almost double what it was a year ago; when did you get elected, again?

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