In Nomine Revisited: Salem, Mercurian Archangel of Civics.

This is over a decade and a half old at this point; it’s also based off of the canonical Angel of Cities for In Nomine. Nice to see that I was sensible, even back in the day.

Salem, Mercurian Archangel of Civics – Google Docs


Mercurian Archangel of Civics


The world is built from all of us.  Build it anew each day.

She is the newest Archangel; and from her point of view, her apotheosis comes none too soon.  For too long Heaven has permitted human governments and politics to develop and evolve without specific, Superior-level oversight.  This is not a criticism of the Host, of course: there is a War going on, and when one’s back is to the wall one is well-advised to emphasize utility over elegance.  Still, the matter required rectifying, and Salem is the avatar of that rectification.  There will be changes made, wrongs redressed — and not a few of the Enemy are about to suddenly discover that their control of human society is perhaps not so secure as they may have thought.

These are indeed interesting times.

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Somebody *should* buy up @AceofSpadesHQ. For a lot of money.

I’m not involved at all in the nitty-gritty of the acquisition of Eagle Publishing by Salem Communications – obviously, I’m affected by it, given that I write for RedState – but I will say this: AoSHQ does a hell of a job, and deserves to be bought up by somebody who would like access to all those eyeballs.  Those folks get good traffic, and their heads are on a swivel.

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