RedState Gathering: Rep. Sandy Adams (R CAND, FL-07 PRI)

There are going to be a bunch of Florida interviews this week; as noted before, Florida’s primary is going on even as we speak.  And one person I spoke to was Rep. Sandy Adams, who is now in a primary with Rep. John Mica; we touched base after her speech to talk a little about the Gathering, and whatnot.

Rep. Adams’ site is here.

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RS at CPAC: Rep. Sandy Adams (R, FL-24)

Rep. Sandy Adams is a freshman legislator who is now running for re-election in the new FL-07 district (the maps were thoroughly shifted around as per the redistricting process in Florida); as a result, she’ll be running a contested primary with Rep. John Mica.  Sandy and I talked a bit about that race, as well as CPAC generally:

Rep. Adams’ site is here.

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Are there SECRET Fast & Furious emails from Eric Holder?

Maybe.  Just possibly maybe.  Check out the video below showing freshman Rep. Sandy Adams of Florida – I had the pleasure of interviewing her last year, by the way – grilling Attorney General Eric Holder over Operation Fast & Furious.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Congresswoman, Rep. Adams is a former police officer whose first husband (also a police officer) was killed in the line of duty… so you can imagine what kind of reception Holder got from her when it came to Holder explaining why the US government deliberately gave guns to cop-killers.

The part that I want to highlight starts at about 4:38: a transcript of the relevant comments after the fold, with items of especial note particularly highlighted. Continue reading Are there SECRET Fast & Furious emails from Eric Holder?

Meet Sandy Adams (R CAND, FL-24).

Sandy is running against Suzanne Kosmas, who has been busy these last couple of years in utterly [failing to prevent*] the administration from gutting manned space exploration. Sandy has a moneybomb going on today and tomorrow, so we talked briefly about her race:

Sandy’s main site is here; the moneybomb site is here. [FL]-24 is definitely gettable for the GOP, but you have to speculate to accumulate.

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[*Yes, kind of important revision, there.]

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