Saxby Chambliss (R, Georgia) to retire.

The two-term Senator will not be seeking a third one; and, contra the DSCC (try being THOSE poor buggers this cycle), Chambliss choosing not to get into what was probably going to be a vicious primary actually makes this seat safer for the Republicans.  In fact, I’m only really bringing this up because it should be realized that Senator Chambliss, despite what anybody out there might think of him, did a very valuable thing for us in the 2008 election: to wit, his decisive win of the runoff election between him and Democratic challenger Jim Martin demonstrated that there was a sharp upper limit to Barack Obama’s coattails.  And that Barack Obama lacked the backbone to take risks.

Seriously, having Chambliss, Cao, and Fleming win those elections immediately after the 2008 debacle was a lifesaver.  We were close to the ragged edge of despair; thank God that Obama decided to break contact, instead of finishing the rout.  It may have cost the Democrats the House in 2010.